What?s An Antler Worth? Part II

by Scott Bestul

In my last post I described my visit to the Whitetail Classic and Antler Auction last week. There were some serious piles of antlers for sale, and a good-sized crowd of folk present to bid on them. I found the experience fascinating; a glimpse into a subculture/industry that, until this show, I barely knew existed.

Prices were all over the map, but as a rule, antlers from wild deer are far more valuable. Two examples that I witnessed; a single antler scoring 138-2/8” that went for $2,700, and a matched set (with a drop tine on one side) scoring 202-3/8 that fetched $2,900. Moose sheds are similarly valuable, as they are rarely raised in captivity and they are difficult to find. As in all collecting, rarity influences value in the antler world.

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Source: http://www.fieldandstream.com/blogs/whitetail-365/2011/03/what%E2%80%99s-antler-worth-part-ii

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