Water Levels Are Good! Get Out There Now!

Lately the water has been way too high at many of the area fisheries that people frequent. Luckily, as of late the water levels have been on the drop, and it is time to be out there. Many fisheries close for winter steelhead on the 31st, or deadlines change for some systems; so why wouldn’t you want to rope into a native wild winter run steelhead before the water blows out again.

If steelhead is not your quarry, then go trout fishing on a river like the McKenzie. It has been pulling more and more into shape each day, and I would have been fishing it two days ago if I wasn’t steelhead fishing at an area stream. The Mac goes off this next few weeks, and many people ignore this time out there.

Basically, this report is to let you know the water is in shape and it is more or less the best time to get out for native wild winter steelhead. It is also prime time to experience the McKenzie River’s native wild redsides. Get out before it starts raining again, or before we have a time of no rain for a few weeks and water levels get too low (doubt that one).

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/NorthwestFlyFishingBlog/~3/Ack_VKZVznQ/water-levels-are-good-get-out-there-now.html

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