Kaufmann Streamborn Welcomes a New Member to the Shop’s Staff!

Kaufmann Streamborn wants to welcome Dorian Thompson to our staff. Dorian has a wide diversity of experience in the fly fishing industry, and he is a super well rounded fly fishing angler. He will be manning the floor at the Tigard store, he’ll be teaching some of our classes, and he will be one of our shop guides as well. Dorian is a central Oregon authority; so when you are planning on hitting the Fall River or stalking bulls on the Metolius, look us up, and ask for Dorian.

Dorian has worked in Alaska extensively, and he is simply a fish-o-holic. The guy just has a hardcore “fishing problem”. He cannot get enough of it! If he is not in the shop, then he is out on the water, or at the tying bench.

A lot of Dorian’s experience with central Oregon comes from his experience running one of the shops in Bend and at the Deschutes crossing near Warm Springs. He has guided on many locations all around central Oregon; so if you are looking to hone your skills on some of the central Oregon Waters, then give us a call about a guided trip.

So far, Dorian has helped us out by instructing some of the fly tying classes, and he’ll be teaching more of them in the future. He’ll also be helping out with the introductory crash course classes too.

The next time you are in the area, swing by and introduce yourself to Dorian. He’s a great addition to the Kaufmann’s Staff, and we are excited to have him on board with us!

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/NorthwestFlyFishingBlog/~3/_jffdBYZE2w/kaufmann-streamborn-welcomes-new-member.html

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