Dec Hogan Spey/Two Handed Classes April 9th & 10th – Sign Up Now!!!

Spey Casting Guru Dec Hogan is coming to teach two classes for Kaufmann Streamborn Fly Fishing on April 9th and April 10th. Classes will be on the water and they will be conducted from 9am to 3pm, and they will be instructed by Dec Hogan. Classes will be small and personalized with only 6 spots available on each day. You can either sign up for the April 9th or April 10th class, and we will limit the class to only 6 students. Location will be determined according to water levels at the time, but will be at the Sandy River or the Clackamas River.

Quoted from Dec Hogan regarding the class:
I like to meet with the students early enough so that we can be in place and start the on-river show at 9:00AM. Class typically ends at 3:00PM. My class is best suited for students who’ve had at least some experience to even experienced casters. Rank beginners are welcome, but be fore-warned that the class moves along. Below you will find more particulars and a brief message from me about the class.

Quoted from Dec Hogan regarding the class:
” As a full-time steelhead guide for 16 years and an instructor of the two-handed rod for 21 years I’ve learned a few things about the cast and how to teach it. My goal is for folks to understand the important physics behind the cast in simple to understand terms, conveying to them how they have control of every move they make. People leave the class controlling their cast, not the other way around! It’s all about being able to “fish” effectively in any situation and condition. In addition to my many philosophies, I cover and teach 6 casts that are the foundation to “cover everything and anything” the river throws at us in a given day. This takes us through most of the day. I leave a full hour at the end of class where I give an intense fishing clinic that covers how to approach and start a run to fishing it in its entirety. Both floating line and sunk fly tactics are addressed. Wading depth and cadence and how to thoroughly cover a run etc. is covered. Hooking, playing and landed steelhead….it’s all in there in addition to answering all the enthusiastic questions!”

Class Logistics:
Price: $250/per person – 6 slots available per class
Schedule: Saturday April 9, 2011 9am-3pm -or- Sunday April 10, 2011 9am-3pm
Lunch is included

If you are interested in signing up for the class, call us at (503)-639-6400 or email us at

This class is extremely high in demand; so call us asap to secure your spot. Full payment will be due at the time when signing up to secure your spot.


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