Got the itch…

A rigorous travel schedule has kept me off the water other then throwing a little crappie spinner from shore for a few minutes on Saturday.  I did catch one small fish pictured below.  But it’s not really doing an adequate job of scratching my itch.  Kinda want to get out on the boat, maybe towards end of this week, I can make some time.

 Anybody noticed all these silly looking multicolored bar code looking things in all the fishing magazine these days?  Well if not or you have and have no clue why, read on. They are ?Electronic Tags? and are a relative;y new and cool new way to connect print media or any other visual media with Digital media.  These tag barcodes are embedded with a URL or a link to a video, website, or pretty much anything you can think of?

Curious, how it works, simply download the FREE application or ?App? from the website or download from your appropriate App Store.  You can even test on the Tags in this article.  First will bring you to a Strike King Ad other will bring you to a YouTube video demo of how to use the tags with my Blackberry.Interestingly enough, two large fishing and outdoor companies are embracing this technology.  See my YouTube video demonstrating how these tags work.

From a consumer?s perspective, these technologies get me  excited. Just think, if this technology becomes widely accepted and embraced, consumers could scan small tags off of the package, download customer reviews, video ads, much more then you could ever fit on a package. So you scan a code on a new lure, get straight talk from the pro that invented it in video form or even get an instant coupon.

I think they are cool, do you?  Or a huge waste of time?


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