Roosterfish Season Just Around the Corner

With all the current rain and the forecast for a long, wet spring on the horizon; it?s hard not to look for an outlet. After sluggishly chucking the sink-tip and spey for a few thousand casts this past winter, why not look for the warmth and beauty of Mexico?s Baja Penninsula as way to free yourself from the Gore-tex trappings of the Pacific NW.

Join Kaufmann?s Staff/Guide, Captain Jad Donaldson, to run the beaches with him. Last year Jad spent from April 15 to June 12th, guiding this stimulating area and this will be the third-annual pilgrimage to what is generally referred to as ?Rooster Alley.?

All fish is done sight-fishing these exciting fish off the beaches with both feet on the ground. Accommodations and food are put on by Bill White?s ?El Pappagallo and Eco-Palapa.? This is the base camp used in Frank Smethurst?s video, ?Running Down the Man.? Baja Bill?s off-the-grid mentality and location at the Northern end of the Cabo Pulmo Marine Park, put you in the prime stretch of Baja for chasing these great sportsfish. His Margarita?s are legendary and are the just thing to ease your muscles and relax the eyes after a long day on the beach.

Fishing will begin, the week of May 21st and continue through June, maybe even early July. Combining the ability to fish both guided and unguided, and a reasonable airfare?this trip is a bargain in the world of destination angling.

Rates for 2011 are: $2400- 7N/6D guided fishing includes airport transfer, food, alcohol, board, and lodging

A la cart rates for 2011: $300/Day of guided fishing
$160/day non-guided- includes food, lodging and alcohol

Cabo Pulmo also offers world class scuba and snorkeling for those so inclined for other activities and we are happy to help set these up as well. Off-shore fishing is available and dependent upon current fishing and weather conditions.

If you are interested in booking a trip for Roosterfish on the Baja Penisula, call us at (503)-639-6400 or email us at


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