Airflo Rangefinder Distance – Product Review

Recently, I lined up my single handed steelhead rod with a Airflo Rangefinder Distance ridge fly line, and the line gets a major thumbs up. I went fishing at a location for steelhead that is smaller, but wide enough to swing some flies here and there, but it is mainly a Thingamabobber game. A great place to test out a floating line; especially since you can throw overhead casts, roll casts, nymphing presentations, and swinging with some weighted flies. I was wondering how this line would preform with its “turnover factor” with indicators and the weighted flies.

It turns out that the line is super smooth with its casting, yet it throws aggressively and it throws with authority. I found it turned over flies and the Thingamabobber really well, and the mending was very easy with the line since it has a really long head (65′). When swinging, it turned over weighted flies very well, and it did so while roll casting or overhead casting. Mending was a piece of cake with the long head, and the running line handled well. The 18 foot rear taper makes turning those heavy flies and wind resistant nymphing rigs over with ease. The front taper is long enough for a super soft laydown; yet it is short enough to flip some heavy weight over also.

This is a wonderful all around floating fly line that would be an excellent choice for a the Northwest steelheader, a lake angler that like using floating lines for many of their applications, or someone who like to throw lots of line for their given quarry.

If you would like to order a Airflo Rangefinder Distance Fly Line Click Here.


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